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Digg v1 will launch this week after a six-week sprint to rebuild the site from scratch. Here’s a first glimpse.

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 http://t.co/u4iwEyVd “iNHERiT http://bit.ly/IZYg1J THE http://t.co/bmAu2SkX WiND” http://t.co/sKC7Pvnz http://t.co/eUWx4Qm9 http://t.co/JZuklUfs http://t.co/fuHY7TJ1 “C0WARDASS http://bit.ly/OemY1i TAX CHEATER http://shar.es/v1yf2 WiMPYASS WiLLARD http://t.co/AQdHJuvD MiTT R0MNEY” http://shar.es/vH8nm “0BAMA http://bit.ly/PaYge6 iN http://bit.ly/Pb0lXu 2o12” http://t.co/kolIzWrL http://shar.es/vmqhC UNAMERiCAN C0WARDASS http://t.co/gRlkiU79 http://bit.ly/svvU8g C0RRUPT TAX CHEATER http://t.co/gzuO3D3T WiLLARD MiTT R0MNEY http://t.co/EmfQw8MU Y0U HAVE EARNED A BiGG TiME BRiTiSH “F PLUS” http://bit.ly/Os3cil H0W’S DAT G0iNG 4 Y0U http://t.co/AQdHJuvD WiLLARD MiTT R0MNEY-Ya L0USY AMATURE http://shar.es/v1yf2 “G0TT http://t.co/BP9BmNzU DAMNN http://on.fb.me/Onw2Ar WRiTE” http://shar.es/v1I80 http://t.co/VMlNzPEv The Do Nothing Republicans Want UnAmerican CowardAss Corrupt Tax Scofflaw Willard Mitt Romney 2Release ALL UNPAiD BACK Tax Returns http://thkpr.gs/Q2UWrb http://shar.es/v1Ceo “iNHERiT http://on.fb.me/Onw2Ar http://t.co/zhYr1vHW THE http://shar.es/tPVOj WiND” http://t.co/EfQCORs0 http://bit.ly/QwqAOa “0BAMA http://t.co/ZD7UXyg2 iN http://t.co/HI3ROcdr 2o12” http://on.fb.me/Onw2Ar Republicans want Americans to show a birth certificate and two photo IDs to vote for a candidate who http://t.co/ZD7UXyg2 doesn’t show his tax returns http://bit.ly/NvRVLl WHY?? http://t.co/tLda83VU http://t.co/2Gn7rBS6 http://t.co/ZD7UXyg2 THE D0 N0THiNG Republicans http://bit.ly/QemVWc Want C0WARDASS UNAMERiCAN C0RRUPT http://shar.es/tP9Sx TAX SC0FFLAW WiLLARD MiTT http://bit.ly/Oab7Nn Romney 2Release All UNPAiD BACK Tax http://t.co/VMlNzPEv Returns Rite Now http://t.co/2Gn7rBS6 BUTT MiTT HAS JUST http://bit.ly/NvRVLl ESCAPED 0UT 0F THE C0UNTRY http://t.co/R6W9znil AS WE HAVE SAiD http://bit.ly/NvRVLl C0WARDASS UNAMERiCAN C0RRUPT TAX CHEAT R0MNEY http://bit.ly/MKt6vU HE’S G0TT 2GET ALL 0F HiS 0VERSEAS MiLLi0N D0LLAR UNPAiD http://t.co/ZD7UXyg2 TAX ACC0UNTS STRAiGHT-WATCH HiM http://t.co/IPMWagyg THEY D0 ABS0LUTELY N0THiNG http://mysp.ac/N1Tuik DELUSi0NAL http://t.co/VYWueQN5 ANGRY http://bit.ly/OsPZG3 SELFiSH LYiNG http://t.co/eUWx4Qm9 http://t.co/ZD7UXyg2 STiNGY http://bit.ly/OsPZG3 C0RRUPT http://t.co/ZD7UXyg2 GREEDY http://bit.ly/OsPZG3 CR00KED http://t.co/ZD7UXyg2 EViL http://bit.ly/MKowhn http://t.co/VYWueQN5 HATEFUL http://bit.ly/OsPZG3 RACiST C0MMUNiST http://t.co/ZD7UXyg2 REPUBLiCANS http://t.co/VYWueQN5 ALL HAVE C0MMiTTED P0LiTiCAL SUiCiDE4 2o12 http://t.co/HI3ROcdr THE UNRE-ELECTABLE PATHETiC LAZY http://bit.ly/MKt6vU WHiNiNGASS EViL http://t.co/tLda83VU L0SER DEM0N CRYBABY http://t.co/cYHjPl5U J0HN “THE BiGG http://bit.ly/MKt6vU TiME EViL http://bit.ly/MKowhn C0MMUNiST SUPER PACiFiER SUCKA” B0EHNER http://t.co/cYHjPl5U & THE UNM0TiVATED UNRE-ELECTABLE WELL KN0WN SUPER DASTARDLY S0RRYASS http://bit.ly/MKt6vU WEAKMiNDED QUiTTER & EViL http://t.co/tLda83VU L0SER DEM0N http://t.co/2Gn7rBS6 ERiC “THE EViL http://bit.ly/MKowhn ViLE C0MMUNiST C0WARDLY http://bit.ly/MKt6vU WEASEL” CANT0R & THE 0LD DUMBASS iT’S CERTAiNLY TiME 2RETiRE EViL http://t.co/tLda83VU DECREPiT http://shar.es/vrteN L0SER DEM0N http://bit.ly/MKt6vU MiTCH “THE BiGG TiME http://bit.ly/MKowhn EViL SAB0TAGiNG http://t.co/2Gn7rBS6 C0MMUNiST SUPER http://bit.ly/MKt6vU SNiTCH” http://shar.es/vrteN McC0NNELL http://t.co/WZ1aDZKH “iNHERiT THE WiND” http://t.co/WZ1aDZKH Y0U ARE DEFiNiTELY G0iNG 2B0W D0WN—BELiEVE http://shar.es/v1yf2 Y0UR 0BSTRUCTi0NiSM & D0 ABS0LUTELY N0THiNG FiNAL DAYS ARE M0ST CERTAiNLY NUMBERED & FAST APPR0ACHiNG-iT iS PERMANENTLY ENGRAVED iN ST0NE http://on.fb.me/Onw2Ar DAMN RiTE http://t.co/pTSUa3ex PRESiDENT OBAMA A MAN 0F ALL THE PE0PLE iN 2o12 http://www.mrjimvinnbur.blogspot.com/

  http://bit.ly/LnKsCf From Every1 Who Has Been Given Much, Much Will Be Demanded & http://bit.ly/PbdmkN From The 1 Who Has Been Entrusted With Much http://bit.ly/LCUBoY Much More Will Be Asked http://mysp.ac/MKfQYW

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    Digg v1 will launch this week after a six-week sprint to rebuild the site from scratch. Here’s a first glimpse. Read...
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    (ReThink)Digg team. I...good product+good design+good brand=unstoppable.
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    The internet has changed a lot since they first appeared on the scene back in the day. Their story is a good example of...
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